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Update: SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0 

User Friendliness Redefined: SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0

June 16, 2016

Users will see some positive changes with the latest edition of SAP Hybris Commerce, version 6.0. When running the new SAP Hybris Commerce version, one quickly notices that the Hybris developers placed great emphasis on user friendliness in the further development of their product. Here is an overview of the latest features and benefits.


SmartEdit in the new version complements the CMS Cockpit of the older versions. Above all it features a new live edit function. It is also similar in many ways to our in-house solutions Sycor.ContentPack for SAP WebChannel and SAP WebChannel Experience Management. Just like with the Sycor.ContentPack, elements defined with SmartEdit can be intuitively placed on individual pages by the user, repositioned using drag-and-drop, or new content can be created. SmartEdit also supports the user-specific delivery of content. One new function in particular is a big help for the editor: Now the user can display the finished pages in SAP Hybris 6.0 from the perspective of various end customers. Even users who only use SAP Hybris occasionally can make changes quickly and intuitively thanks to the new operating concept.

Powerful Back Office

With the new release, SAP Hybris Commerce has combined the various administration cockpits into a uniform back office. This means that Promotion Management is now part of the back office and new campaigns can be created very easily with no technical background knowledge. The Customer Service Cockpit of the predecessor version has also been moved to the back office.
Converging the various cockpits in a uniform back office interface makes application maintenance and configuration easier for the shop operator.

SAP Hybris Merchandising – the extension for all who want even more

SAP Hybris Merchandising is a new, additional feature that further simplifies product marketing. It is based on the technology of the Boston SAP Hybris subsidiary SEEWHY and encompasses four main components:

  1. Various tools that collect data about product searches, clicks, orders, and other relevant data in real time.
  2. The cloud-based SAP Hybris Merchandise Service, which provides the required storage capacity and power to process the collected product and user data.
  3. A new, intuitive user interface that supports the creation of new product links and recommendations. The required data are supplied by the first two components mentioned.
  4. Additional new CMS components linked directly to the store generate recommendations for the user in real time.

SAP Hybris 6.0 therefore enables shop administrators to respond to market conditions quickly based on facts, and to increase the conversion rate in the application. The content is no longer adapted only to the individual user, but also to each store visit of the user according to the context.
With SAP Hybris 6.0, the online shop manager is prepared for the future: Automatic sales promotion tools support daily work along with intuitive interfaces and straightforward configuration options. SAP Hybris has announced new versions for the second half of the year – stay tuned!

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