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EASY for Microsoft Dynamics AX

With EASY for Dynamics AX, we have developed an interface on behalf of EASY SOFTWARE AG for the integration of the ECM solution EASY ENTERPRISE.x with Microsoft Dynamics AX. This opens up the full range of possibilities offered by the high-availability, fully scalable ECM solution EASY ENTERPRISE.x. You can access data, information and documents quickly and reliably at any time.

Audit-compliant recording and archiving

EASY ENTERPRISE.x stands for ultimate reliability. Documents created in Microsoft Dynamics AX (outgoing documents) are automatically stored in the archive without user intervention and in compliance with audit requirements when they are printed. Paper documents are readily captured and archived using EASY CAPTURE. Depending on process requirements, the assignment to Microsoft Dynamics AX workflows may be implemented as "early capture" (scanning followed by recording and linking the voucher and document) or "late capture" (recording followed by document scanning and assignment to the voucher). In either case, linking can be fully automated by using barcodes. 

By default, standardized business management keywords tailored to customer requirements support searches using an EASY client (without access to Microsoft Dynamics AX). Convenient access to the company archive ("non-Microsoft Dynamics AX Archive") is supported as well by using EASY xSHARE.

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