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    Sycor.Rental supports the continued growth of the Doka Group.

    The Doka Group is a worldwide specialist in formwork solutions. Thanks to Sycor.Rental, this successful Austrian company now has the perfect ERP industry solution.

    The Doka Group has been on a profitable growth path for years. As the foundation for their success, the formwork experts at Doka have consistently expanded their sales network to ensure maximum proximity to customers, continually optimized delivery logistics and offered high-quality products. 

    The group’s numerous innovations and wide range of services for all types of formwork systems have been the driving force in the growing demand for the company‘s products. In the words of Jürgen Obiegli from the Doka Group’s Executive Board: “Our services are always geared toward maximizing value for our customers. As a result, we also strive to increase our physical proximity to them.”

    Doka Gruppe auf Wachstumskurs mit Sycor.Rental

    The Group‘s figures show just how successful this approach has been: The Doka Group offers formwork systems for all fields of construction. This includes wall formwork, floor formwork, climbing and automatic climbing technology as well as services for selecting, planning and implementing these systems. With a workforce of 5,874 employees, the Doka Group’s revenue was 923 million euros in 2008 (+ 10 percent). 

    For years, Doka has been investing in IT as part of a continued effort to improve its services, which include everything from technical solutions to business processes. To accommodate the company’s continued expansion, Doka chose to implement new ERP solution. This was a logical decision because the old system had reached its limits and was complicating internal processes due to decentralized storage of data in well over 100 subsidiaries around the world. “We chose IT service provider Sycor and their ERP industry solution Sycor.Rental. Sycor won us over with a perfect combination of IT expertise and industry know-how, not to mention the outstanding functionality of Sycor.Rental,” Jürgen Obiegli explains.

    Customer testimonial
    • "Thanks to high level of scalability and performance offered by the solution, we can also map the continued expansion of our sales network in order to optimize customer support. Sycor Rental fits our strategy perfectly."

      Jürgen Obiegli, Member of the Executive Board, Doka Gruppe

      Based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ERP industry solution Sycor Rental now maps all the processes for rental, sales, planning and transportation of formwork materials at Doka. Sycor employed its consulting and development expertise to tailor the industry solution to the specific needs of the formwork experts. Thanks to global scheduling and the integration of complex rental billing types, employees of the Doka Group now have perfect tools for optimum customer support. Currently, 750 users are using the system worldwide – about 60 percent of the planned number of users. The ERP industry solution is being used at the Doka headquarters in Austria as well as the company’s subsidiaries in Germany, US, Singapore, Canada and other countries. Further rollouts are scheduled for 2009 in other countries, including Chile, Korea, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

      “Thanks to high level of scalability and performance offered by the solution, we can also map the continued expansion of our sales network in order to optimize customer support,” says Jürgen Obiegli with pleasure. “Sycor.Rental fits our strategy perfectly.”

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