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Used licenses: Things you 
need to know

Used licenses: 
Things you need to know

November 14, 2018

Tips for handling second-hand licenses

Buying second-hand software can be very lucrative. We have compiled three practical tips for all companies considering the use of second-hand licenses: 

1. Use proven tools!

Buying second-hand software is an important business decision. So place your trust in a proven tool: common sense! Read the contract in detail and make sure it meets your needs – and that you can comply with all stipulations. All details you would consider when buying new software should also be taken into account in the acquisition of second-hand software.  

2. Accurately assess the risk!

Many customers believe they can assert the right of return if the need should arise, for example if the manufacturer audits them and fails to recognize the second-hand licenses. Even if you have a right of return, you should check in advance who pays compensation claims and bears the litigation costs if it should come to that. It is also possible for the software provider to obligate you to purchase new and therefore usually costly licenses for every single workstation.  

3. When buying licenses, try to use existing licenses elsewhere in the company!

You are toying with the idea of selling licenses? Our tip: First check if you can continue using the licenses elsewhere in the company. That often makes more sense than selling them second hand. Time and time again, experience has shown that existing licenses can be used to negotiate more favorable new contracts with the manufacturer or a competitor.  

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