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All about the VLSC portal

The most frequently asked questions about the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC Portal)

April 27, 2018

We are happy to assist our customers with using Microsoft's licensing portal. Here we have compiled and answered the most frequently asked questions about the VLSC Portal.

The Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) is a Microsoft portal that provides access to the following functions among others:

  • Download products and keys
  • Centralized licensing information
  • Display relationship overview and licensing overview details
  • Check the status of your entries
  • Activate and utilize software assurance benefits

How do I log in to the VLSC Portal?

You will find the login screen for the Volume Licensing Service Center directly on the start page. It is important to use the contract e-mail address for the initial login. Also note that the contract e-mail address has to be linked to a Windows Live account.

 Where do I find the downloads?

You will find the license keys under "Downloads and Keys". If your downloads are not available, Microsoft may still need some time to process them.

Where do I find my license keys?

Your license keys are also found under "Downloads and Keys". Please note however that there are two different types of license keys in this context: The multiple activation key (MAK) and the key management service (KMS).

1.       KMS makes it possible to organize the activation of systems on your own network.

2.       MAK is used for the one-time activation of systems using the activation services hosted by Microsoft.

You may have to apply separately for one of these two keys. We are happy to help you in this case.

How do I generate software assurance benefits?

Don't miss out on the software assurance benefits. They may vary depending on the volume licensing program and the number of licenses. You can view your software assurance benefits in the VLSC Portal. What many don't know: The benefits have to be separately activated and assigned to a person. Only then can the vouchers be generated. The vouchers expire if this is neglected. You have further questions about the VLSC Portal or need assistance, for example with activating the software assurance benefits? Please contact us! You will find additional FAQs here:


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