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Programming made easy

November 26, 2020

The content of our training also includes the implementation of smaller projects. Why this is sometimes a bit like Christmas and what makes the job of an application developer so exciting can be found in our blog post about organizing events for students. 

We, Laura and Niclas, are application developers in the 3rd year of training. In addition to our tasks in the area of SAP Managed Services, we organize and carry out events such as the Future Day, the SummerSchool or the IT youth games as part of a marketing project. In order to explain our profession to pupils, we were looking for an exciting product that would make programming easy and quickly understandable.

After doing some research, we found a robot for self-assembly. This robot can be easily brought to life and programmed in many different ways. It was almost like Christmas when we took the many small bags with different parts out of the package in our office and started to assemble the small components. 

One robot - many possibilities

The robot has infrared, color, and touch sensors that can detect colors or serve to keep distance. It is also equipped with a USB port, WiFi and even Internet support. A graphical programming interface makes it easy to program the robot, so that success can be achieved quickly. Now we hope that students will discover the fun of programming through this robot.

The course

The students are given the task of programming the robot so that it runs through the provided course without getting stuck or cornered. The robot can be brought to life with a simple touch - we set this up in advance. You can also program the robot to play music when it reaches the finish line. We still want to test this.

Tinkering with fun factor

In our daily work we notice that several things come together in software development. For example, you have to know the programming language well and you also have to deal with the technical issues so that the software development is done the way the customer needs it. This is often tricky and quite demanding. But it is also very interesting and exciting. This is exactly what we want to teach the students in a playful way. For example, they will be able to see for themselves that different paths lead to the goal. We are looking forward to introducing them to the world of programming and perhaps even getting to know our colleagues of tomorrow.

Our authors have very different professions and come from different areas and locations of Sycor. All write from their personal point of view and from their personal experiences.

Niclas Spieß  & Laura Ehrhardt

IT specialist for application development (Trainees)

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