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For the user it should be easy, fast and safe         

July 2, 2020

Driven by the experiences in various customer projects and legal requirements, ideas for new and adaptations to existing add-ons have been developed. These add-ons were developed in close cooperation with customers and special requirements of customers were evaluated and partly adopted into our solutions. 

Granted: Confirmation of receipt, Xinvoice or VAT ID validation do not sound particularly exciting at first. However, many users do get upset during their daily work if the processes for creating mandatory documents, for example, are cumbersome or are not supported by the system. If they cannot be printed out or if filling them out and following them up drives you to despair. In this case, it is enormously helpful if you as a consultant or developer know where the user's shoe actually pinches.

The process knowledge is particularly helpful when applications have to be implemented quickly due to sudden changes in requirements, for example in legislation. In this way, we were able to react quickly even in the case of our new add-ons.

By the way, add-ons are small program packages developed by us, which supplement the basic functionality delivered to make the process easier, cleaner and safer. The whole thing is then delivered including user documentation and training.

Over the edge 

It motivates me when I am able to implement new ideas from the knowledge and experience gained from projects and a wide variety of processes, which make the work of end users easier and ultimately help the customer to streamline processes and reduce costs. To do this, it is always worthwhile to think outside the box and to have open eyes and ears when walking through the production at the customer's site. Then you quickly develop a feeling for what is really needed.

The developments are quite different. Sometimes solutions have to be developed from scratch when new laws make this necessary. Sometimes solutions are looked after for years and adapted again and again to new circumstances. It is important that there is a good exchange between the consultant, the developer and the customer, so that the development results in exactly what is needed. A cool add-on that makes the user's work easier.

Our authors have very different professions and come from different areas and locations of Sycor. All write from their personal point of view and from their personal experiences.

Jörg Fricke

Head of Project & Consulting Services | SAP Senior Projectmanager

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