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Company car was yesterday - today JobRad is my means of transport

October 12, 2020

For almost 20 years, my means of transportation was a car - and always a company car for private use, since I was on the road a lot in the field.  And then I came to Sycor... Company car? Only for sales people. But there was a Bahncard for the trips to Göttingen, and I learned very quickly that the train makes me arrive in Göttingen much more relaxed than a company car. The 14-day trips from my home to our Hamburg location are bearable by bus and S-Bahn. For the daily errands I could take my old bicycle, which was more or less okay. And then came Corona, short-time work and the city cycling challenge against my colleagues.  

Time for cycling was there, but the 27 year old bike didn't really want to go on. At one of our staff meetings some time ago I heard something about the JobRad, which can be procured tax-efficiently with the help of Sycor. In the company portal I quickly found the instructions on what I had to do. It was very simple: I had to register with JobRad via the company portal, wait for the confirmation mail and then I went to the bicycle dealer of my choice - very close to my home. I quickly found a suitable bike with some accessories and received a cost estimate, which Sycor approved within three days. From now on it took about a week until all contracts were signed and I could pick up my new bike.

A JobRad can be a normal touring bike with gears, but also a mountain bike or racing bike. Of course there is also the possibility to get an e-bike of any kind.

Now every month a small part of my salary is converted for the bike, and in the end I save a total of 38% of the purchase price.

In the meantime we - my JobRad (with 10x3 gear derailleur) and I - have already spent several hundred kilometers together. I cycle to go shopping, to the train station or instead of taking the S-Bahn to Hamburg to the office. I was even allowed to go on vacation to the Rhine, as you can see on the photo.

My conclusion: a JobRad is a great way to get a good, slightly more expensive bike and keep fit and healthy. Thank you very much that this is possible.

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Gabriele Weidenhagen

Personaldisposition - Project Advisory

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