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Mario Myrenne
Managing Director SYCOR IQ Solutions GmbH


Managing Director SYCOR IQ Solutions GmbH


Mario Myrenne is responsible for Strategy, Administration and Finance at Sycor IQ Solutions GmbH.

Personal details

Computer sciences graduate Mario Myrenne can look back on 24 years of experience as an executive. He founded IQ GmbH in 1989 and, as Executive Director, mainly dedicated himself to integrated solutions in the fields of hardware, software and management consulting. The co-founding of KHS Know How Systems GmbH followed in 1992. IQ Netzwerk- und Kommunikationssysteme GmbH was founded just three years later, and IQ Telekommunikation GmbH in 1997. GmbH was co-founded in 1999. In the year 2000, he assumed management of all three IQ companies, merging them into IQ GmbH, IT and communication solutions, in the year 2003. He has held the position of executive at SYCOR IQ Solutions GmbH since 2012.

What Sycor means to me
  • "For me, Sycor is a company with a modern management strategy, which not merely describes employee orientation and management styles in guidelines but strategically promotes and implements these principles in the interest of achieving the company objectives."

    Mario Myrenne, Managing Director, SYCOR IQ Solutions GmbH

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