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Management Portrait
J. P. Schwiersch
Managing Director


Managing Director of SYCOR GmbH
Member of the Board of SYCOR AMERICAS Inc. and SYCOR CANADA Inc.
Managing Director SYCOR ASIA Pte Ltd
Managing Director SYCOR Austria GmbH 
Managing Director SYCOR YES GmbH

Area of responsibility

  • Business administration
  • Company strategy
  • Subsidiaries in North America and Austria
  • The Asian business of the Sycor Group

Personal profile

J. P. Schwiersch was born in Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia on February 17, 1966. After graduating from high school and completing a bank apprenticeship in Hamburg, he studied at Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, Texas and earned his B.A. and M.B.A. in Finance. J. P. Schwiersch has been working in various roles in finance since 1990. Among other things, he has been the executive of a start-up for mobile payment and commercial manager of a chemical company in Frankfurt. He has accompanied and further developed companies throughout their lifecycle as a consultant, interim manager, and entrepreneur.

What Sycor means to me
  • "Sycor means to me the most exciting challenge since I quit smoking!"

    Jochen Schwiersch, Managing Director, SYCOR GmbH

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