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Management Portrait
Dr. Alexander Müllner-Gilli
Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer, SYCOR Austria GmbH

Area of responsibility

  • Management of the subsidiary in Austria
  • Company strategy
  • Development and expansion of business areas
  • Marketing and sales

Personal profile

Alexander Müllner-Gilli was born in Vienna on July 28, 1970. After attending secondary school, he started working in the IT field while studying industrial engineering. He later earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Open University while employed.

His career to date has included employment with companies such as Data Systems Austria, Microsoft, SAP, and Crayon. Alexander Müllner-Gilli's experience encompasses the four main fields in which the Sycor Group is involved: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and classic Microsoft solutions as well as technical and managed services. Before Müllner-Gilli joined Sycor, he held the position of CEO in Austria for ten years, so he joins the Sycor team with extensive management experience and an excellent network.

In day-to-day business, his strengths lie in dealing with customers (CxO level) as a senior manager who is able to bring about strategic commercial decisions and also develop and present technical solutions. Both his MBA and his extensive IT knowledge are helpful to him here. Müllner-Gilli has advised customers in numerous projects, especially in planning, development, implementation, and operation for future-oriented topics (IoT, AI, machine learning, cloud, and software asset management) in combination with Microsoft and SAP solutions. 

What Sycor means to me
  • "Sycor is an extremely exciting IT company that holds a unique position in the market thanks to its different business areas. I am also fascinated by the company culture and interactions. This guarantees a perfect mix of fun, motivation, and innovation!"

    Alexander Müllner-Gilli, Chief Executive Officer, SYCOR Austria GmbH

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