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For us, the digital transformation means exploring new dimensions – artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, agile working methods, process redesign, big data, and many more are not just empty phrases for us, but determine our daily activities.
Sycor – your digital transformation partner

However, people are and remain the central element of this exploration, since change is driven by them. Precisely analyzing customer needs and aligning with their behavior is therefore essential for the digital transformation. Not only do the technical conditions in the company have to be adapted, processes also need to be examined.

Our goal is to equip you and your employees with the appropriate tools and methods. With Sycor as your digital transformation partner, you take this future-oriented journey successfully. With more than 550 employees around the world and consulting expertise "Made in Germany", our service portfolio covers the full spectrum of information and communication technologies.

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Service optimization thanks to real-time data

Durable and reliable PILLER blowers are used worldwide. But that is not enough for the global player based in Lower Saxony. The company wants to offer even better service to its customers. Maintaining technology leadership with predictive maintenance, minimal machine downtime and new digital service approaches is the goal. PILLER put its money on IoT technology from SAP and on Sycor's know-how to accomplish this. In the future scenario, PILLER customers will be able to further optimize the capacity utilization of their blowers using sensor data – and PILLER Customer Service will be able to respond even more quickly when service is required.  

How Microsoft can support you on the digital transformation journey

Learn more about how Microsoft can help you transform your company with digital solutions.

For more effective communication with customers, optimized workflows and processes, and to stay that one crucial step ahead of the competition.

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